Our Approach

Strategex structured the way in which we work. They put everything in practical terms, which made it very user-friendly and unlike any other consultancy I've worked with. Strategex really breaks it down into each piece. We have a big task to tackle, and Strategex set us up for success.

Senior VP, Global Marketing, Fortune 500 cosmetics company

Through facilitation, coaching and training, we create a clear alignment between leadership and what operators do daily. We assist you in developing a clear strategy, energizing your company culture, and implementing robust processes, thereby infusing the entire organization with structure, accountability, and a commitment to success.

Strategic Leadership

  • Developing a compelling direction
  • Identifying priorities
  • Linking strategy to results
  • Managers working as leaders of a cohesive team
  • A line of sight from leaders to operators
  • Leadership mentoring and coaching
  • Free flow of information up and down the organization

Operational Improvement

  • A practical approach to change processes
  • High-impact Organizational Effectiveness (OE) processes, management systems and project management frameworks
  • A proactive organizational culture focused on variance analysis and problem-solving
  • Creation of alignment and focus at all levels
  • Performance reviews
  • Identification of the right tools for improvement, and the time required
  • Rigorous implementation

People Engagement

  • Creating a culture of commitment to success
  • Identifying and building on the strengths of the existing culture
  • Participation in improvement at every level
  • Developing internally the needed skill sets and resources
  • Focusing employees on process and measurable results
  • Engaging all personnel in performance improvement
  • Recognizing and rewarding performance

Daily disciplines are the key to effective change.

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